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Why agencies should work with security (Part 3)

March 17, 2017

Gain higher value contracts with security

Adding security to your offering allows you to increase profits, convert one-off projects to retainers and create an ongoing dialogue and a long-lasting relationship with your clients. We have developed three example cases to illustrate how Detectify can help you gain higher value contracts.

detectify for agencies 1

Before starting, make sure to read the first two parts of our blog series for web agencies:
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Why agencies should work with security Part 2 (What Detectify can do for you)

Case 1: Add more hours to the initial offer on new projects

Run Detectify security tests on new projects and offer your clients secure delivery with a detailed findings report.

You can increase your revenues even further by adding a security retainer to your offer.

detectify for agencies 2
Read Case 2 to find out how you can convert one-off projects to retainers and Case 3 to learn how security can increase your profits from larger retainers.

Case 2: Convert small one-off projects to retainers and increase profit

If you mainly work with one-off projects, security can help you convert them to ongoing retainers. Instead of not hearing from the client after the project is finished, you can offer them continuous security monitoring and talk to them on a monthly basis.

Project including design, development, SEO optimization and security-tested delivery:detectify for agencies 3

You can increase your profits even further by:

  • Fixing security issues for the client and adding additional hours to the retainer
  • A fixed number of hours can be added to the retainer, e. g. 20 h x 100€
    • The number of hours can also be based on the severity of the findings, for example:
      Only high severity findings
      High and medium severity findings
      All findings
  • Delivering security-tested projects with additional hours added to the initial development project (Case 1)

By combining Case 1 and Case 2, revenues can be increased by 21.5% per initial development project and by a further 600€ per year if you offer your clients an ongoing security retainer.

Case 3: Increase profit on larger retainers

If you already offer your clients large retainers, security is a great opportunity that will increase your monthly profits.detectify for agencies 4

Security helps you engage in an ongoing dialogue with your clients and  offers excellent upsell opportunities.

Are you ready to offer your clients security and increase your profits?

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