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Behind the scenes

This is where the magic happens – find out more about the Detectify team and what we’re up to.

Detectify housewarming party

housewarming Team
Meet the team Robyn Belak

Meet the team: Robyn Belak – Data- and content-driven marketer, language genius & cat lover

housewarming Team

Detectify housewarming party

Christoffer Fjellström Meet the team

Meet the team: Christoffer Fjellström – Passionate about maths and creative problem-solving

Meet the team Rickard Carlsson

Meet the team: Rickard Carlsson – From elite skier and management consultant to startup CEO

Alixandra Mathios Meet the team

Meet the team: Alixandra Mathios – A New Yorker with a knack for interaction

Johan Edholm Meet the team

Meet the team: Johan Edholm – The security enthusiast behind Detectify’s vision


Detectify Team Offsite

Andrea Palaia Career data science Meet the team

Meet the team: Andrea Palaia – From particle physics at CERN to Detectify data

Detectify events Martina Janevska Security Swetugg

Detectify’s Martina Janevska on stage at Swetugg 2017

Meet the team Natasha Lazarova

Meet the team: Natasha Lazarova – Award-winning developer with an eye for detail