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New functionality added to the Detectify API

Victor Arellano / June 9, 2022

TL/DR Users on the Enterprise Plan can now try the subteams functionality through the Detectify API.

Subteams functionality added to Detectify API

Getting a complete overview of the growing attack surface is difficult. Regardless of how security is organised in your organisation, knowing what Internet-facing assets are exposed and if those assets are vulnerable across many different teams is no simple task. This is doubly true for security teams with dozens – or even hundreds! – of dev teams.

We’ve now made it possible for customers on the Enterprise Plan to create and manage subteams through the Detectify API. This means users can associate assets with a desired team. This enables subteams to take action on vulnerabilities and risks specific to their instance. 

Please note: this endpoint may change over time as we learn more about how our customers use it. If you have any questions, get in touch with your CSM contact.

With the subteams functionality:

You can learn more about the Detectify API by visiting our developer site

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