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Newly minted filters, improvements to bulk actions, and SSL assessments

Victor Arellano / May 10, 2022

TL/DR: We’ve launched new filters to the /Vulnerabilities and /Attack Surface view and expanded the SSL assessment offering to all customers. 

Filter by vulnerability type

Remediating vulnerabilities efficiently is the cornerstone of a great vulnerability management program. Prioritizing becomes paramount as resources are often limited. Sometimes teams might pinpoint specific vulnerability types that are particularly risky for their attack surfaces, such as a misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket or even a new XSS vulnerability.

Users can now filter the /Vulnerabilities view by title, such as a specific type of XSS or even the CVE name. This means you can prioritize certain types of vulnerabilities to quickly remediate alongside your development teams. 

Bulk actions on vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities on your attack surface can grow quickly, especially when your development teams are shipping multiple releases weekly or daily. We’ve now made it possible to take bulk actions on up to 500 vulnerabilities at a time. This means you can easily change the status of large volumes of vulnerabilities, such as “fixed” or “accepted risk.” 

Filter attack surface view by ports

Occasionally, you might spot an open port that really shouldn’t be open. In a previous version of the attack surface view, you would have had to view each asset’s open port, which is a costly exercise. Now, you can filter the view of your attack surface by selecting any open port from the new drop-down.

We also now differentiate between open and historic ports in the ports modal to give you an easier time when trying to find what to care about.

Performance improvements

  • SSL assessments in Surface Monitoring. SSL assessments were previously only available for Application Scanning customers. We have now begun adding SSL assessments to our Surface Monitoring product. Tests such as CRIME assessment (CVE-2012-4929), POODLE (CVE-2014-3566), BEAST (CVE-2011-3389), and FREAK (CVE-2015-0204) are now available in Surface Monitoring and will produce vulnerability findings if discovered on your attack surface. We will continue to bolster our SSL assessment capabilities over time.

Recently added crowdsourced vulnerabilities:

Here is a list of all new medium, high, and critical severity modules added in the recent days from our community of ethical hackers. You can find a complete list of new vulnerabilities added to Surface Monitoring and Application Scanning by viewing the “What’s New?” section in-tool.

  • CVE-2021-46387: Zyxel ZyWALL 2 Plus Internet Security Appliance XSS
  • CVE-2022-26148: Grafana Zabbix Credentials Exposure
  • Google Cloud Build Configuration File (JSON) Exposure
  • Jupyterhub Default Credentials
  • Nginx ngx-cache-purge Cache Improper Access Control
  • Platformio Config File Disclosure
  • TroInt XSS
  • WSO2 Identity Server SSRF

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