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Meet a Hacker Hero: Hakluke

September 14, 2021

Detectify collaborates with Crowdsource, our private network of ethical hackers to help our customers access the latest critical security research and secure their web apps.

With a hot hack summer, we saw a lot of devastating breaches which casted a negative view onto hackers as criminals. At Detectify, we believe that hackers are our allies. Ethical hackers are known to do the heroic thing and help make the Internet safer by responsibly disclosing security vulnerabilities to vendors and sharing knowledge with the security community. 

So, we’ve asked our networks, “who is your Hacker Hero?” and launching this new content series to celebrate them! First up, Luke Stephens aka hakluke. He’s recently joined the Detectify Crowdsource community.

Detectify hacker heroes hakluke

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Luke Stephens but most know me as hakluke. I am currently living on the Sunshine Coast, in Australia. I have always been obsessed with computers and hacking, since a very young age. I started my IT career as a developer and ended up landing in penetration testing.

I recently resigned from my role as the Manager of Training and Quality Assurance for Bugcrowd to start my own consultancy, Haksec. I do a lot of penetration testing and bug bounties, and create content for hackers.

What inspired you to start hacking?

I don’t remember but it was very young. I think the initial inspiration stemmed from watching the first Matrix movie when it was first released at a friend’s birthday party. I think from that moment on I was entranced by computers. 

Hacking is one of the few things in the world that I can actually maintain focus on for more than a few minutes too.

What’s the first bug you submitted?

The first bug I submitted to a bug bounty program was a CloudFront subdomain takeover. They’re not even possible anymore!

Worst bug/vulnerability you’ve discovered?

Impact-wise, I was on a pentest where I found a way to control the operation of heavy machinery in a factory. 

I have also uncovered a few large repositories of personal data that were not meant to be public.

What is your hacker superpower?


Who is your hacker hero?

My hacker hero would have to be Jason Haddix. I really do admire the way that Jason Haddix is so skilled while also maintaining such positivity for the wider community.

He is a never-ending source of empathy and patience. He regularly helps newcomers and also has technical skills.

What is the main thing blue teams can learn from hackers?

There is always an edge case.

How can other hackers use their powers or skills for good?

Share your knowledge, share your thoughts and ideas publicly.

Favorite hacking tool

Burp Suite

When you’re not hacking, what are you doing?

Going to the beach, playing music, or hanging out with my family!

What’s your hacking “environment?”

I focus best late at night, dim light, headphones in!

When you’re hacking, what’s your favorite music soundtrack?

My hacking soundtrack is very different to music that I listen to for enjoyment. While hacking I tend to listen to dubstep or chillhop to help me focus.

What’s one fun fact people may not know about you?

Many years ago I made it to the finals of Australia’s Got Talent playing trumpet in a band called “The BRASSHOLES”.

Favorite media portrayal of a hacker?

Neo, of course!

neo bullets

We want to thank hakluke for his time to take this interview with us. If you want to learn more or keep up with hakluke, you can find him on one of the following channels:

Twitter: @hakluke
Youtube: /hakluke

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