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Newly added security tests, August 28, 2017: vBulletin and WordPress vulnerabilities

August 28, 2017

To help you keep up with the latest vulnerabilities, we add new security tests to Detectify on a regular basis. The latest additions to the tool cover everything from a vBulletin SQL injection to a DOM XSS in a WordPress.

Here are the new security tests that now run when you start a Detectify scan:

  • CVE-2016-6195 – Unauthenticated SQL Injection in VBulletin
  • PHP symfony debug toolbar disclosure
  • WordPress bridge-theme DOM XSS
  • Web Cache Deception updates

If you’d like to learn more about DOM XSS vulnerabilities, why not check out our write-up explaining¬†how we invented the Tesla DOM DOOM XSS?

Happy scanning!
The Detectify Team

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