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Detectify Crowdsource monthly recap | July 2017

Kristian Bremberg / August 3, 2017

Detectify Crowdsource is our crowdsourced security initiative that allows us to implement white hacker knowledge into our service and work with the world’s best security researchers. Read our community manager Kristian Bremberg’s recap to find out what’s been going on in the Crowdsource community last month.

In July, Crowdsource has gotten many interesting submissions from hackers around the world, proving that hacking is in full swing even during the summer months.

From enterprise systems to content management platforms

This month’s submissions vary in severity and cover a wide range of technologies, including enterprise systems and consumer content management platforms.

Many of the submissions are vulnerabilities that affect WordPress plugins. However, we have also received submissions with a high severity (Remote Code Execution and SQL injection) affecting rather exotic systems. The variety in July’s submissions shows that we can find vulnerabilities in most systems thanks to the diverse skillsets of our Crowdsource hackers.

Over 800 hits

Crowdsource submissions are built into the Detectify service, allowing us to scan hundreds of websites for the submitted vulnerabilities. This way, researchers can extend their reach and make an impact with the help of automation while getting paid for every unique finding based on their submission.

Detectify Crowdsource total hits

Detectify Crowdsource | July 2017

In July, Crowdsource submissions generated over 800 hits on our customers’ sites, bringing the total number of hits since the platform’s launch to 5940. That’s 5940 vulnerabilities discovered by modules based on Crowdsource hackers’ security research, a number that continues to grow as our customers run Detectify scans on their web applications. White hat knowledge leveraged by the power of automation is a force to be reckoned with!

Crowdsource improvements

To make the Crowdsource experience better for our hackers, we have added several improvements to the platform, such as the frequently requested ability to stay anonymous on the leaderboard, and faster payouts via BugCrowd.

As Crowdsource continues to grow, Detectify security researcher Linus Särud will be joining the Crowdsource team. Linus has been working at Detectify for over 2 years years and will help us develop the platform so that our customers can access even more white hat hacker knowledge.

Stay tuned for next month’s Crowdsource update!

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