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Why agencies should work with security (Part 2)

February 28, 2017

What Detectify can do for you

Detectify is a security scanning tool developed by some of the world’s best security researchers. It is constantly updated by the team, scans continuously for 700+ vulnerabilities and is updated with the latest vulnerabilities on a regular basis, so that you can stay on top of threats and take action before hackers do. This means we detect security issues for your developers and hand them tools and guidance to fix the vulnerabilities before delivering the project to clients.

Imagine hiring a security professional who, instead of fixing security issues all alone, works with your developers, shares security knowledge with them, and follows all the latest developments in web security. That’s the role Detectify can fill!

Detectify analyzes your website from a hacker’s perspective and report back with the latest vulnerability findings. The educational interface enables you to follow your security progress over time. 

Competitive edge

Even though security might not be a key part of the briefs that you receive today, you can get ahead of the competition by showing that you have a structured security process. By being an early adopter and offering security to your clients, you can build long- term relationships with them based on an ongoing security dialogue.

Simple to use

Detectify seamlessly integrates with what you already use and keeps an eye on the security status of your projects. Whether you use Trello, Slack, PagerDuty, HipChat or prefer an API, we have got you covered and it only takes a few minutes to get started.

Peace of mind

Detectify lets you deliver better code that has a lower risk of attack, which is not only great for your websites, but appreciated by your clients. You can monitor client security, provide reports and lead the security dialogue with your client. What’s safe today might be at risk tomorrow, but Detectify has the structured process, tools and knowledge to stay on top of potential threats.

What our agency customers say

Ottoboni run Detectify security tests on their clients’ websites and say that Detectify serves as a stable foundation for their security work.

The arguments for security usually come too late, once you’ve already been hacked and at that point, your brand might already be destroyed. It is really important for agencies to offer help and guidance. It’s impossible to keep up with all the security news if you’re working with production – staying on top of new vulnerabilities is a full-time job in itself! Instead, Detectify takes care of that for us with the help of their researchers
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Afonso started using Detectify after one of their websites got hacked. Working with Detectify helped them make security a habit and develop a proactive approach to security.

With Detectify’s findings as a backup, we’ve been able to show internally and externally that security is something you need to work with continuously.
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Creuna uses Detectify to secure development and continuously monitor and improve the security level of their clients.

Detectify is part of our effort to stay on top of security. Their platform has enabled us to discuss security both internally and with our clients. The security awareness and knowledge in our teams has improved since we started using Detectify. 

Read the first part of our blog series on why agencies should work with security. In the first part we explain how adding security to your services, will make you stay relevant and increase customer loyalty while increasing revenues.

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