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Detectify Team Offsite

February 10, 2017

On a crisp January morning, the Detectify team got on a bus and headed towards Stockholm’s archipelago. We had a delicious breakfast on the bus (with Computer Man blaring at full volume, of course), which set the tone for the next day and a half – there would be a lot of food and coffee involved!

We started the day with a Detectify trivia quiz (unsurprisingly, our CEO Rickard was the winner!), followed by workshops and team exercises. After lunch, it was time to wrap up warm and get ready for an outdoors adventure that proved to be a real challenge – making fire and cooking some coffee! Although we are web security experts and not survival buffs, our love for coffee made everything possible and the experience certainly proved to be the most interesting fika we’d ever had.

After the last session of the day, some of our toughest and bravest team members ventured to the sauna and took a dip in the ice cold lake, while others played pool back at the hotel.

We enjoyed dinner in great company and took a new team picture!

The next day, we had a relaxed breakfast and some great wrap-up sessions before returning to Stockholm. After lunch, we got on the bus again, bound for the office. Even though we’d only been away for a day and a half, it was nice to be back and start bringing our epic plans to life. We can’t wait to make 2017 Detectify’s best year so far!

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