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Awards to Detectify's team members

March 13, 2015

Team members of Detectify have received not one, but two, public awards over the last few weeks. We are proud of having skilled people in Detectify.

Super talents of 2015

Our two team members Rickard Carlsson and Fredrik Almroth was given the “Super talents of 2015” award by Veckans affärer, which is the Swedish version of the Economist.

Rickard, CEO of Detectify, was listed as future digital star for his work with Detectify and our Head Application Engineer Fredrik was listed as innovative thinker in the security space for his security knowledge and innovations with Detectify.

Security experts of the future

Symantec gave Fredrik and Mathias the “Security experts of the future” award to bring attention to their hard work and to inspire others.

Motivation for Fredrik:

“One of the country’s most knowledgeable security experts, where his understanding of Web security and security technology is at least as impressive as his knowledge in automation. With an ambition to change the world, he will continue to be one of the most important figures in the country for security to keep up with the rapid development of threats.”

Motivation for Mathias:

“He is one of the most active security experts in Sweden, especially regarding bug bounty hunting where he have reported lots of security issues to some of the worlds biggest companies. But he is not keeping his knowledge to himself, he is sharing his knowledge through lectures in both Sweden and internationally.”

International Startup Award

We made a pitch on stage at the Launch festival and won the International Startup Award with the following comment:

“My partner in crime Tyler Crowley always brings me a couple of interesting startups from Europe, and Detectify was the most impressive of all time. It’s a security monitoring tool that is well-designed, simple, and powerful.”

You can see our pitch here.

We’re looking for more talents!

It’s great to have skilled people in a team where we learn from each other. Do you want to be a part of this great adventure? Check out our open positions at