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Newly added security tests May 11, 2017: CGIemail

Detectify Crowdsource Vulnerabilities

6 months after the launch of Detectify Crowdsource: What has happened so far?

Detectify Crowdsource newly added tests Vulnerabilities

Newly added security tests April 28, 2017: Hubspot and TenderApp

Joomla Security Vulnerabilities

[Alert] Critical authentication bypass + privilege escalation exploit in Joomla

OWASP Top 10 Release Vulnerabilities

[Release] Check if your website passes the OWASP Top 10 test!

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[Release] New modules

CMS components with known vulnerabilities OWASP Top 10 Plugins Vulnerabilities

OWASP TOP 10: Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities (#9)

CSRF OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

OWASP TOP 10: Cross-site Request Forgery – CSRF (#8)