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Meet the team

Meet the team: Wilder Parks III – leading Detectify’s expansion shortstop style

Boston office expansion Meet the team Sales Wilder Parks
Data Scientist Hassan Jawaid Meet the team

Meet the team: Hassan Jawaid – a data scientist passionate about continuous learning

Backend Developer Maria Shoaib Meet the team

Meet the team with Maria Shoaib: an engineer invested in women’s rights to education

Backend Developer Meet the team Roberto Giachetta

Meet the team with Roberto Giachetta: a teaching developer

Korab Shala Meet the team

Meet the team: Korab Shala – Graphic designer with unlimited creativity

Bug Bounty Detectify Crowdsource Ethical Hacking Meet the team White hat

Meet the team: Kristian Bremberg – Community-minded ethical hacker who loves to help out

Carl Svantesson Meet the team

Meet the team: Carl Svantesson – Entrepreneurial spirit from Gothenburg

Meet the team Robyn Belak

Meet the team: Robyn Belak – Data- and content-driven marketer, language genius & cat lover

Christoffer Fjellström Meet the team

Meet the team: Christoffer Fjellström – Passionate about maths and creative problem-solving

Meet the team Rickard Carlsson

Meet the team: Rickard Carlsson – From elite skier and management consultant to startup CEO