What is Detectify?


Meet the team: Andrea Palaia – From particle physics at CERN to Detectify data

Andrea Palaia Career data science Meet the team
Career Meet the team Team Yasmin Tilles

Meet the team: Yasmin Tilles – The editorial mind behind the brand

Career Detectify Johan Norrman Meet the team

Meet the team: Johan Norrman – From building code to building teams to building companies

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Career Detectify Martina Janevska Meet the team

Meet the team: Martina Janevska – Problem solver who loves a challenge

Career Detectify Johan Båth Meet the team

Meet the team: Johan Båth – From Silicon Valley to Detectify

Career Ethical Hacking Linus Särud Meet the team Team White hat

Meet the team: Linus Särud – The 17-year-old security researcher who runs Detectify’s support

Career Detectify Team

Team event – Detectify Sailing

Awards Career Fredrik Almroth Rickard Carlsson Team

Awards to Detectify’s team members