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Cecilia Wik Ethical Hacking famous hacks IT Law undetected

Undetected e.05: Cecilia Wik – A Lawyer’s Take on Hacking

CISO DevSecOps reduce attack surface security tips

How to reduce your attack surface

0-day Bug Bounty CVE Detectify Crowdsource open redirect Sharepoint

Crowdsource Success Story: From an Out-of-Scope Open Redirect to CVE-2020-1323

web cache web vulnerabilities

Do you trust your cache? – Web Cache Poisoning explained

Detectify Ethical Hacking iso-certification

Detectify achieves ISO 27001 Certification

Crowdsourced security Security Updates

Detectify security updates for 13 July

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File Disclosure security misconfiguration

Common security misconfigurations and remediations

imposter syndrome learning how to hack Tom Hudson undetected

Undetected e.04: TomNomNom – Hacking things back together

podcast security awareness security books security courses summer reading

A summer learning list for better security awareness

Bug Bounty Detectify Crowdsource ethical hacker

Detectify Crowdsource – Not Your Average Bug Bounty Platform

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