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New security test: CVE-2019-11043 PHP-FPM & NGINX RCE

PHP-FPM Security Updates

Cybersecurity Awareness Month – 5 tips for safe browsing

cybersecurity awareness privacy web browser security

Meet the team: Johanna Ydergård – Scaling the impact of ethical hackers

Detectify Crowdsource Johanna Ydergård Meet the team woman in security

vBulletin RCE CVE-2019-16759 exploited in the wild, to Detectify

Detectify Crowdsource RCE Security Updates vbulletin

Karim Rahal: Security Features of Firefox

firefox Karim Rahal web browser security

How Detectify handles Zero-Day submissions 

0-day Detectify Crowdsource zero-day

How to Get a Finger on the Pulse of Corporate Networks via the SSL VPN

Alyssa Herrera Detectify Crowdsource File Disclosure pulse secure SSL VPN

How we tracked down (what seemed like) a memory leak in one of our Go microservices

Backend Developer best practices go memory leak microservices

Detectify now checks for File Disclosure in SSL VPNs – Pulse Secure and Fortinet

Detectify Crowdsource fortinet pulse secure SSL VPN

Introducing Asset Inventory: stay on top of your web asset security

asset inventory asset monitoring product update