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apex domains Detectify Newly Added Tests Security Updates Vulnerabilities

Quickly access insights about apex domains on the attack surface

Detectify Employee wellbeing Life at Detectify

Detectify among top 5% over time in tech industry for employee wellbeing

Detectify Detectify Crowdsource external attack surface management

One click to your attack surface: New simplified navigation

Busting browser fails: What attackers see when they hack your employees’ browser

external attack surface management

Better attack surface filtering and subdomain discovery

attack scenarios Ethical Hacking Frans Rosen OAuth Security Updates third party scripts

Detectify Security Advisor explains account hijacking attack scenarios using abnormal OAuth-flows

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Attack Surface

State of your attack surface, improved user permissions, and many new tests

Detectify G2

Detectify strengthens its authority in G2’s security categories

Attack Surface attack surface management external attack surface management

Enriched attack surface view, DNS filtering, and more

API Attack Surface attack surface management external attack surface management

New functionality added to the Detectify API

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