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CMS components with known vulnerabilities OWASP Top 10 Plugins Vulnerabilities

OWASP TOP 10: Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities

Guide Integrations Workflow Zapier

[Integration] Integrate Detectify with Jira, Github, Instagram and much more using Zapier

data protection GDPR Security Workflow

General Data Protection Regulation: What It Means For Your Business

CSRF OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities

OWASP TOP 10 2013: Cross-site Request Forgery – CSRF

Examples Missing Function Level Access Control OWASP Top 10 Remediation

OWASP TOP 10: Missing Function Level Access Control

best practices Detectify Guide Security Services

Security-focused Work Routine in 7 Steps

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OWASP Top 10 sensitive data exposure Vulnerabilities

OWASP TOP 10: Sensitive Data Exposure

dashboard Detectify Features navigation Security

[Release] New dashboard, navigation and better support for unlimited scan profiles


IT Security FAQ: what should you do to protect yourself online? What is the number one everyday mistake people make?


Misconfigured email servers open the door to spoofed emails from top domains

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