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Improving WordPress plugin security from both attack and defense sides

Detectify Crowdsource Paul Dannewitz Plugins WordPress

What is a blind vulnerability and how can it be exploited and detected? 

blind vulnerabilities injection out-of-band SQL

Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder: “I was good at making others’ code stop running very early on.”

Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder CISO IIS interview keys to the internet woman in security

Content Security Policy (CSP) explained including common bypasses

CSP response headers

Lerhan: Bypassing IDOR protection with URL shorteners

Detectify Crowdsource IDOR Lerhan URL shorteners

HTTP response splitting exploitations and mitigations

http headers HTTP response splitting XSS

Fitting automated security throughout the CI/CD pipeline

automated security CI/CD DAST DevSecOps

The real impact of an Open Redirect vulnerability

open redirect SSRF web vulnerability

Meet the Hacker: Inti De Ceukelaire – “While everyone is looking for XSS I am just reading the docs.”

crowdsource Meet the hacker securinti

Detectify security updates for 02 May

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