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Meet the team: Alixandra Mathios – A New Yorker with a knack for interaction

Alixandra Mathios Meet the team

Introducing domains and scan profiles

domains scan profiles

Newly added security tests May 11, 2017: CGIemail

newly added tests Security Vulnerabilities WordPress XSS

6 months after the launch of Detectify Crowdsource: What has happened so far?

Detectify Crowdsource Vulnerabilities

Newly added security tests April 28, 2017: Hubspot and TenderApp

Detectify Crowdsource newly added tests Vulnerabilities

Should we regulate the Internet of Things?

GDPR IoT regulation

5 things we’ve done to make your Detectify experience better

Newly added security tests April 11, 2017: WordPress, Joomla, and CGIemail

Detectify Crowdsource newly added tests vulnerability

Meet the team: Johan Edholm – The security enthusiast behind Detectify’s vision

Johan Edholm Meet the team