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Detectify Detectify Crowdsource EASM Ethical Hacking external attack surface management Vulnerabilities

Top 3 mistakes when implementing an External Attack Surface Management (EASM) program

Detectify EASM Ethical Hacking external attack surface management Vulnerabilities

Why is securing the external attack surface a hot topic for security experts right now?

CVSS Threat score

How to interpret your Detectify score

Press information: Detectify sees significant increase in detected vulnerabilities powered by its Crowdsource community

Detectify Detectify Crowdsource Newly Added Tests zero-day

Press information: Crowdsource hacker first to find Zero-Day CVE-2021-43798 in Grafana

CISO CTO security awareness

How tech managers can make sure security isn’t left off the list this holiday season

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Apache Detectify Crowdsource featured Vulnerabilities

New test added for actively exploited critical CVE-2021-44228 Apache Log4j RCE

Attack Surface CISO EASM Ethical Hacking featured

Survivorship bias, growing attack surface and finding your weakest links

security trends

7 SecOps Trends That Could Shape Your Security in 2022

EASM product update

Detectify announces new product names

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