What is Detectify?

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Meet the team – Christoffer Fjellström: Passionate about maths and creative problem-solving

Christoffer Fjellström Meet the team

Newly added security tests, June 21, 2017

newly added tests SQL Injection WordPress XSS
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Newly added security tests June 8, 2017

Detectify Detectify Crowdsource newly added tests

Meet the team: Rickard Carlsson – From elite skier and management consultant to startup CEO

Meet the team Rickard Carlsson

How to interpret your Detectify score

CVSS Threat score

Want help to fix your findings?

Findings Remediation Vulnerabilities Workflow

Meet the team: Alixandra Mathios – A New Yorker with a knack for interaction

Alixandra Mathios Meet the team

Introducing domains and scan profiles

domains scan profiles

Newly added security tests May 11, 2017

newly added tests Security Vulnerabilities WordPress XSS

6 months after the launch of Detectify Crowdsource: What has happened so far?

Detectify Crowdsource Vulnerabilities