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Vulnerabilities 101

Build upon your application security and web vulnerabilities knowledge with our vulnerabilities 101 articles.

DNS hijack domain security subdomain takeover

DNS Hijacking – Taking Over Top-Level Domains and Subdomains

NGINX security misconfiguration web security

Common Nginx misconfigurations that leave your web server open to attack

Black Hat PDF

How secure is the PDF file?

0-day Bug Bounty CVE Detectify Crowdsource open redirect Sharepoint

Crowdsource Success Story: From an Out-of-Scope Open Redirect to CVE-2020-1323

web cache web vulnerabilities

Do you trust your cache? – Web Cache Poisoning explained

File Disclosure security misconfiguration

Common security misconfigurations and remediations

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Top 12 tips every pentester should know

Detectify Crowdsource gehaxelt Plugins sensitive data exposure WordPress

Gehaxelt – How WordPress Plugins Leak Sensitive Information Without You Noticing

Detectify Crowdsource Ethical Hacking recon streaak

Guest blog: streaak – my recon techniques from 2019

firefox Karim Rahal web browser security

Karim Rahal: Security Features of Firefox