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It’s time for a new approach to web security. Get inspired with insights from our security experts and thought leaders on how to improve security culture, awareness and visibility.

Magento security Vulnerabilities

Thousands of vulnerable Magento web stores out there

Agency Agency customers Google Revenue SEO

Why agencies should work with security (Part 1)

The full statistic from our third party research

Detectify Linus Särud Security

5 ways to get young people into web security

best practices Security

5 Things Your IT Department Needs to Be Doing

E-commerce Security

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data protection GDPR Security Workflow

General Data Protection Regulation: What It Means For Your Business

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Security-focused Work Routine in 7 Steps


IT Security FAQ: what should you do to protect yourself online? What is the number one everyday mistake people make?


Misconfigured email servers open the door to spoofed emails from top domains