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Detectify’s web security blog delivers common vulnerabilities knowledge including OWASP, our security research, and the basics of web application security.

Content Security Policy (CSP) explained including common bypasses

CSP response headers
http headers HTTP response splitting XSS

HTTP response splitting exploitations and mitigations

open redirect SSRF web vulnerability

The real impact of an Open Redirect vulnerability

Apache RCE security updates

Detectify security updates for 18 April

compliance PCI DSS vulnerability management

What information does Detectify provide for PCI Compliance Requirement 6?

Magento security updates SQL Injection WordPress

Detectify security updates for 4 April

Automation DevSecOps Workflow

Scaling up Security with DevOps and CI/CD practices

DOM XSS Persistent XSS Reflected XSS XSS

What are the different types of XSS?

Serverless vs Cloud vs On-prem

CISO security best practices security culture

Cybersecurity from an overhead cost to a business enabler