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Learn about the most common vulnerabilities, our security research, and the basics of staying safe online.

OWASP Top 10

IDOR OWASP Vulnerabilities XSS
AWS AWS asset control Detectify S3 S3 bucket

AWS S3 Misconfiguration Explained – And How To Fix It

GDPR IoT regulation

Should we regulate the Internet of Things?

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Agency Agency customers Detectify Revenue

Why agencies should work with security (Part 3)

Linus Särud third party scripts vulnerability

The Danger of Third Party Scripts

The full statistic from our third party research

Detectify Linus Särud Security

5 ways to get young people into web security

7 Biggest Web Security News of 2016

e-commerce security Security

E-commerce security: the majority of online stores don’t force HTTPS

Chrome Extensions data privacy

Chrome extensions still track user data

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