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[PoC Video] jQuery-File-Upload: A tale of three vulnerabilities

IDOR ImageTragick jquery jquery file upload RCE
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Improved coverage and results with Out-of-band Exploitation Support

CMS Drupal Vulnerabilities

Drupalgeddon 2.0 (CVE-2018-7600)

newly added tests WordPress

WordPress disabled auto update in version 4.9.3


Introducing Detectify API v 2

newly added tests

New security tests, November 15, 2017: Image Resizer Exposure in .NET

newly added tests

New security tests, November 1, 2017: Express

newly added tests ROCA RSA key factoring

New security tests, October 19, 2017: ROCA – vulnerable RSA generation

Magento newly added tests WordPress

Newly added security tests, October 4, 2017: WordPress and Magento vulnerabilities


The advanced graph – a new way to work with your findings

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New email notification settings