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Introducing Detectify API v 2

featured IDOR ImageTragick jquery jquery file upload RCE

[PoC Video] jQuery-File-Upload: A tale of three vulnerabilities

oracle weblogic RCE

[Video] Proof of Concept: CVE-2018-2894 Oracle WebLogic RCE

iframe busters phpMyAdmin security updates umbraco WordPress

Detectify security updates for 4 October

Jolokia RCE security updates WordPress XSS

Detectify security updates for 20 September

CMS security security updates

Detectify security updates for 6 September

Detectify Crowdsource security updates Vulnerabilities

Detectify security updates for 23 August

Detectify Crowdsource newly added tests security updates Vulnerabilities

Extended notes for security updates from 26 July

Detectify Crowdsource newly added tests Vulnerabilities

Detectify security release for 26 July 2018

Detectify Detectify Crowdsource

Improved coverage and results with Out-of-band Exploitation Support

CMS Drupal Vulnerabilities

Drupalgeddon 2.0 (CVE-2018-7600)