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View different Detectify user stories to learn how other security and dev teams are automating hacker knowledge to secure their web applications.

DevSecOps Smartbear User Stories Workflow

M. Loewinger, Smartbear: “Each product has a DevOps lead who manages Detectify and all its findings”

KTH Testimonials Workflow

Niklas Olsson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology: “Detectify lowers the threshold to work with security”

Episerver Testimonials

Johannes Karlsmyr, Episerver: “The Detectify portal and the findings are easy to understand, even for non-technical employees”

Office IT Partner Testimonials

Fredrik Alexandersson, Office IT-partner: “Detectify is my hacker toolbox”


Detectify and AWS Security Solution Successes: Sonokinetic


Detectify and AWS Security Solution Successes: KRY

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PCI Qualpay Testimonials

Todd Troutman, Qualpay: “Detectify is the magic combination of simple and powerful”

Detectify Pipedrive Testimonials

Jesse Wojtkowiak, Pipedrive: “Detectify creates efficiency”

Detectify Sonokinetic Testimonials

Amit Verma, Sonokinetic: “We were up and running in less than 30 minutes”

Detectify Ottoboni Testimonials

Pär Stålberg, Ottoboni: “As an agency, you don’t want a site you have built to get hacked”