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Easy-WP-SMTP RCE sensitive data exposure WordPress zero-day

How attackers exploit the WordPress Easy-WP-SMTP zero-day

Findings product update

View and tag findings on the new vulnerabilities page to fix them faster

Apache Struts Cisco SD-WAN prototype pollution Security Updates WordPress

Detectify security updates for December 14

Bug Bounty Detectify Crowdsource

Carolin Solskär answers Detectify Crowdsource FAQs

application server botnet oracle weblogic RCE

Detectify checks for critical Oracle WebLogic Server RCEs (CVE-2020-14882, CVE-2020-14750)

Atlassian Citrix eCommerce IBM Oracle Security Updates

Detectify security updates for November 30

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0-day Google cloud Security Updates Sharepoint ThinkAdmin

Detectify Security Updates for November 16

asset monitoring Crowdsourced security product update

Discover latest security vulnerabilities in minutes with Detectify

Integrations product update Workflow

Detectify releases new and improved integrations

0-day Atlassian Google cloud Security Updates

Detectify Security Updates for September 17