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Product Updates

Keep up to date with the latest Detectify features, product updates, and security tests.

beta features crawler Detectify

Beta feature: New and more consistent crawler

billing dashboard Detectify Release

[Release] New dashboard and billing

Modules Release SQL Injection VBS Vulnerabilities WordPress

[Release] New modules

Guide Integrations Workflow Zapier

[Integration] Integrate Detectify with Jira, Github, Instagram and much more using Zapier

dashboard Detectify Features navigation Security

[Release] New dashboard, navigation and better support for unlimited scan profiles

Detectify Features Security

[Release] New scan profile overview allows you to see progress over time

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Cross site scripting Vulnerabilities WordPress XSS

[Alert] Stored XSS in WordPress Plugin Jetpack

Detectify Modules

5 New Detectify Features

CMS Magento Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities

[Alert] New Magento Vulnerability – Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution

CMS OWASP Top 10 WordPress XSS

[Alert] New WordPress XSS Vulnerability Discovered