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Detectify Security Updates for 27 April

Detectify Crowdsource ethical hacker open-source recon

A hacker’s approach to finding security bugs in open source software

PHP RCE Security Updates

Detectify Security Updates for 12 April

appsec CISO security trends

Modern application security requires speed, scale, and collaboration

Career Life at Detectify

Humans of Detectify: You don’t need to be an expert to get into security

Security Updates

Detectify Security Updates for March 23

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Detectify Security Updates for March 8

Deep Scan fuzzing product update

How to hack smarter and find critical vulnerabilities with the new fuzzing engine

Apache cisco Magento Security Updates

Detectify security updates for February 22

Diversity Life at Detectify

Diversity & Belonging at Detectify: Challenging the traditional way to do security