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Detectify security updates for 19 October

IBM oracle weblogic RCE security updates WordPress XSS
Bug Bounty Bugcrowd Grant McCracken interview

Q&A with Grant McCracken, Bugcrowd: “You might be thinking, do I want people to hack me? The answer is yes!”

Backend Developer Maria Shoaib Meet the team

Meet the team with Maria Shoaib: an engineer invested in women’s rights to education

iframe busters XSS

Iframe busters lead to XSS on 2% of all websites

best practices podcast web security

Web security podcasts we are currently listening to

Backend Developer Meet the team Roberto Giachetta

Meet the team with Roberto Giachetta: a teaching developer

Jolokia RCE security updates WordPress XSS

Detectify security updates for 20 September

Automation Bug Bounty Crowdsourced security Detectify Crowdsource Workflow

Bug Bounty and Automation make a formidable pair together

CMS security security updates

Detectify security updates for 6 September

Detectify Crowdsource security updates Vulnerabilities

Detectify security updates for 23 August