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Detectify security updates for 7 March

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Integrations Workflow

Detectify integrations for your workflow

CISO security best practices security culture

Cybersecurity from an overhead cost to a business enabler

Detectify API product update

Detectify releases API v2.5

content-options featured http headers set-cookie web browser security

A guide to HTTP security headers for better web browser security

Data Scientist Hassan Jawaid Meet the team

Meet the team: Hassan Jawaid – a data scientist passionate about continuous learning

CISO cybersecurity awareness security culture security manager Workflow

8 ways to create better cybersecurity awareness with a limited budget

Cloud security Common vulnerability Server side request forgery SSRF

What is server side request forgery (SSRF)?

CMS vulnerabilities Coldfusion security updates

Detectify security updates for 10 January

Detectify Crowdsource europa Meet the hacker

Meet the Hacker: europa: “I always trust my gut when I get the feeling that something is there”