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Meet the team: Roshni Bham – Passionate people make this company what it is

January 29, 2021

Roshni Bham has been an account executive at Detectify for more than a year and she works to grow our business in the Americas. She was looking to join a mission-driven company that was passionate about its product and its customers, which she’s found in Detectify.

Photo of Roshni Bham, account executive at Detectify

Photo of Roshni Bham, account executive at Detectify

How did you get into the cybersecurity field?

I studied international relations and specialized in security and national defense policy. At the time I thought I would work creating policy but after college I needed a job and landed a sales role at an intelligence startup. From there I entered the world of security and sales, and the two together really resonated with me and eventually led me to Detectify.

What drew you to Detectify?

I was looking for a smaller start-up without the big company corporate culture, where you can make quick decisions. When I met the people behind the product, I realized this was a great fit for me.

How have you grown since you first started?

I had worked at another security company before Detectify and thought I was well prepared. Although the basics were the same, I soon realized the diversity of topics in the information security space. I have learned a lot about web application security, bug bounty programs, and responsible disclosure programs. Both on the technical side and the legal/regulatory side of how to operate safely.

I find it fascinating and I am constantly discovering new things and never quite feel like I know enough. The security space is constantly evolving and I love that I get to evolve with it.

Where do you see Detectify in the future?

Right now Detectify is still a new player but Detectify is quickly growing into the role as a recognized, reputable, and trusted source. The potential is unlimited, it wasn’t long ago that Detectify was a small startup and what we’ve accomplished so far has changed the ethical hacking space. In the future, with our people and history, I think Detectify will lead the community to bigger and better places.

What is your favorite part of your job?

For me, there’s no question that it’s the people. Working with a great product and selling it is motivating, but what gets me excited about work every day are the people I get to work alongside. Everyone is eager to learn, happy to teach, and always supportive. It’s such a welcoming group of passionate people. They make this company what it is.

Rapid-fire questions:

#1 security advice? Use a password manager

Any tips for people who are interested in working in tech? Talk to people in the industry, know what you are getting yourself into

Favorite remote hacks? Create a routine for yourself and stick to it

If you are ready for a new challenge in Information Security scene with colleagues passionate about product and security automation, take a look at our open positions to join Roshni and the rest of Detectify in Boston, USA or Stockholm, Sweden!