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Meet the team: Paul Hickey – selling the future of web app security

November 6, 2020

Paul Hickey joined Detectify as an Account Executive as one of the first handful of colleagues in our Boston team. The opportunity of having an influence in building up a team and a sales process, while exploring a whole new area – IT security and working with ethical hackers – captured the interest of Paul. 

Meet the team: Paul Hickey, AE

Before sales he was in wealth management, but reading thick trust documents wasn’t his speed, so he switched gears and tried his hand with a large reseller in 2015. He loved how fast paced sales were and the opportunity to network and talk to people. 

During his first days at Detectify he remembers doing lots of reading and asking lots of questions. A habit that he has kept up. Paul now knows more about security and web applications, how they are built and function, than he ever could have imagined.

Paul says, “Still, everyday I feel like I am learning something new from talking to my brilliant colleagues at Detectify.”

Learning to code, to some capacity, would in his opinion be a great way to grow. Languages and how web apps are built are constantly changing and he thinks it is so interesting to see how Detectify is teaching the tool to read different languages and is constantly adding things to stay current.

In the future Paul sees Detectify as being at the forefront at web application security and considers collaboration is a big part of how we stay current. The sales function is very involved with tech and product functions and helping them innovate and push the development forward with the input they receive from customers. Paul says:

 “Being involved with tech also pushes me and my sales teammates to be more technical and learn more which drives innovation forward. Detectify is laying the groundwork for the future with Crowdsource. The 0-days process and the amount of submissions received year over year, month over month, will continue to grow and have an impact. I truly believe Detectify’s vision is a way of shaking up a moldy space that’s ripe for disruption.”

In his private life, Paul’s natural curiosity is a big help in the house building project he is currently undertaking with his fiance. They are now looking at land, choosing functions and forms that appeal to them and gaining a lot of knowledge in the process. While they know they have taken on a big challenge, it is also a fun and satisfying experience, knowing that they are building their dream home.

Rapid fire questions: 

#1 security advice?

  • Don’t click on it 

Tips for people who want to go into tech? 

  • Always be curious, there is never a stupid question.


If you are ready for a new challenge to disrupt the Internet Security scene with innovative automation and ethical hacker knowledge, take a look at our open positions to join Paul and the commercial team in Boston!