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Introducing Asset Inventory: stay on top of your web asset security

August 6, 2019

Good security starts with knowing your web assets. To enable transparency over your tech stack, we have released Asset Inventory, a new view that helps you prioritize security issues and collaborate across teams to stay on top of your web asset security. This release is the first step towards broader asset tracking functionality in Detectify.


Detectify Asset Inventory

What’s new?

Welcome to your Asset Inventory 

The Domains & profiles view has evolved into Asset Inventory, giving you a complete overview of your web assets. Asset Inventory is available on all Detectify subscriptions and can be found in the left-hand side menu. This is where you discover and track your organization’s assets, stay up to date with fingerprinted technologies, and receive the latest security notifications. 

Asset Inventory allows you to see all your root assets and scan profiles in one place. Each asset can be assigned an owner to help you keep track of who’s responsible for the assets in your organisation. Clicking on a root asset takes you to a Root Asset Overview page with detailed information including discovered subdomains, fingerprinted technologies and scan profiles

Detectify root asset overview

Domain Monitoring Service has evolved into Asset Monitoring

If you have been using our enterprise Domain Monitoring Service to protect your subdomains from hostile takeovers, you may have noticed that the service is now called Asset Monitoring. The scope of Asset Monitoring is growing and includes not only monitoring for potential subdomain takeovers, but also thousands of fingerprints and hundreds of tests for stateless vulnerabilities such as code repository exposure for SVN or Git.

If you are running Asset Monitoring on your Detectify account, Asset Monitoring findings will be displayed in Asset Inventory and the Root Asset Overview. 

Asset monitoring resultsWeb vulnerability scanner is now Deep Scan

Detectify’s core service, the web vulnerability scanner, is now called Deep Scan to better reflect the in-depth security testing performed by our vulnerability modules. We have updated the user interface to enable you to start scans directly from the dashboard. 

Deep scan profiles

What’s next?

This update is the first of many exciting features that will be added to Detectify in the coming months to help you monitor your organization’s security. Port scanning, additional fingerprinting data and smart queries are just a few upcoming features that will expand your web asset security toolbox. Stay tuned!

Want to know more? 

If you’re a Detectify customer and have questions or thoughts about Asset Inventory, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact our support team at

If you’re currently evaluating Detectify and would like to learn more about asset monitoring or asset inventory, request a demo and a Detectify representative will get in touch to book a walkthrough of the latest service updates.