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Welcome to Detectify’s Boston office!

March 25, 2019

Our brand new office in Boston, Massachusetts, is Detectify’s base for US sales operations. We had a chat with our US Head of Sales about Boston’s tech community, working with ethical hackers, and Detectify’s mission.

Bringing ethical hacker knowledge to Boston and beyond

Why is a Swedish tech company heading to Boston? Maybe the question should be “Why not?”

Wilder Parks III, US Head of Sales and Massachusetts native with experience in the tech industry, is leading Detectify’s US expansion and building our Boston sales team. He says Boston is the perfect base for Detectify’s US sales operations:

“Boston is an awesome city and a truly fun and exciting place to live and work. New companies are popping up daily, especially start-ups. To complement that, is the number of young professionals that are looking to make their mark.“

What can Boston expect from Detectify? “We’re bringing an amazing team and culture that is set out to make the internet safer,” says Wilder Parks III, whose current focus is forming a results-driven US sales team that will expand Detectify’s enterprise segment.

He adds that Boston’s community is a perfect fit for Detectify: “With Boston being only about 700,000 people or so, it allows for a pretty tight-knit community. You can really network and collaborate with other amazing individuals. The city is really making an effort to promote that type of environment and we are excited to be part of it!”

Join Detectify’s expansion journey

To get US sales operations up and running, we are looking for driven individuals who are experts in building relationships with new customers and understand the technical challenges of working with SaaS. The sales team’s goal is to bring in new Enterprise clients through outbound outreach and contribute to Detectify’s growth.

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 2 years of experience in managing a full sales cycle. If you have the curiosity, passion, and collaborative spirit, work with us, and let’s do this together.

Helping US companies get ahead of the curve

Detectify already has a strong customer base in the US and a local market presence will make it easier for us to help US organizations build secure web applications.

“We want to help companies protect themselves and especially their clients from harm. We do this through the help of our Crowd Source community of 150+ white hat hackers. We then ethically hack our clients by showing them where they are vulnerable. But it doesn’t stop there, we then provide knowledge sharing between the organizations so they know exactly how they are vulnerable and how they can fix and prevent any harm going forward. Get ahead of the curve!” says Wilder Parks III.

Want to be part of Detectify’s US team? We’re looking for talented account executives! Head over to our career page and join us.