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Detectify integrations for your workflow

March 6, 2019

In the modern workplace, the work environment consists of many different teams, frameworks and tools to tackle complicated issues. It can be overwhelming to handle all the information transferred or continuously log into different tools to gather information. This is why Detectify offers 8 different software integrations, which sends web application vulnerability alerts from Detectify into your existing workflows or digital workplaces:

Why integrate Detectify?

Integrating Detectify into your existing workflows makes it easier for your teams to communicate about web application security issues and whether it needs to be prioritized now or later. Depending on your account payment plan, the options for notification customization include alerts on the severity level of vulnerabilities (medium or high) and when scans are started and finished.

Teams are updated immediately when vulnerabilities are detected, and certain integrations allow for tickets to be issued right away. It allows for web application security to scale up with agile teams and working environments. Soon security will be second nature to everyone, that it’ll seem strange that security was ever seen as a separate function.

Integrations available:


servicenow integration

ServiceNow is an enterprise solution that helps users manage their digital workflows with products for incident, change and realease, configurations, and more. You can now integrate Detectify to push report findings into your ServiceNow dashboard. Just add your ServiceNow Endpoint to get started.

View our how-to guide to setup the Detectify-ServiceNow integration. 


Detectify and splunk

Splunk aggregates data from all the different web applications, sensors, devices that are part of IT infrastructure. Users can analyze real-time data generated, and now this also includes alerts of vulnerability findings from Detectify. By activating this integration between Detectify and Splunk, you can trigger alerts for low, medium or high severity vulnerabilities and scan summary straight to your Splunk dashboard.

View our how-to guide to setup the Detectify-Splunk integration.


Scaling up security with product developments in an agile environment is possible. Detectify makes this easier by offering integration with Jira. When there is a vulnerability finding, a ticket will be created in Jira for the right team to resolve. Our integration supports both cloud and on-prem Jira solutions and you can customize by project,issue type, notification types, and enabling automatic exports to JIRA.

Get started with the Detectify-Jira integration with the how-to guide.


For all our Kanban enthusiasts, we are here with an integration to Trello! We now push our reports to your favourite security to-do list.

When there’s a vulnerability finding, this can be added as a card on a to-do list on designated Trello boards.

Detectify trello integration


One of the many advantages of Slack is that it’s a single point of contact for all the tools you and your team use. You’ll be able to ping a Slack channel with Detectify scan starts, finishes, and findings, so you can get on top of anything critical right away.

Seeing the site scans in a Slack channel also means it will start to get your team used to thinking about security as an ongoing concern, rather than something to react to once it’s too late.

View how-to guide on the Detectify-Slack integration.

If you would like additional security tips for working in Slack, check out this blog by PasswordBoss.


Integrating Detectify setup to Zapier also allows for it to be connected to 1000+ apps. By “zapping” data between Detectify and your other web applications, you can save time from manually moving the data in between. Learn more about this integration with Detectify’s how-to guide or Zapier’s site.


If you’re handing your incident response through Paperduty, you can also dispatch vulnerability finding alerts from Detectify to your sysadmin or support team immediately. This keeps team members informed about web application vulnerabilities for smooth handling of incidents.

View our how-to guide to setup the Detectify-PagerDuty integration.


OpsGenie is an incident manager system. When integrated, OpsGenie will dispatch alerts from Detectify scan findings to the appropriate team member based on the on-call schedules. Alerts are based on the different severity of a vulnerability finding or when a web application scan is started or finished.

View our hot-to guide to setup the Detectify-OpsGenie integration.

A webhook

We also offer integration with a webhook, which means you could post alerts of Detectify findings to any applications supporting webhooks. We have a comprehensive setup guide here.


What about a custom API? If you’re interested in integrating Detectify with a custom API, check out the specs for Detectify API v2.5.

Log in to your Detectify account to get started with using one or more of these integrations.

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This article was updated on 29 May 2019 with the details about the Service Now integration.