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[Video] Detectify CEO Rickard Carlsson on The Top Entrepreneurs

August 8, 2018

Our CEO Rickard Carlsson was interviewed by Nathan Latka for the podcast, The Top Entrepreneurs. Here’s a summary of some of the questions, followed by the original video interview at the end.

How does Detectify work?

Founded by ethical hackers (white hats) with the mission to make the internet a safer place. We created a crowdsource community platform to receive vulnerability reports from our ethical hackers and if the tests are valid they are built into the Detectify tool and scaled out to all our customers for their security against web vulnerabilities. 

How do you make money?

Our SaaS product is subscription based. Our customers can set up Detectify to scan as many of their assets as they like, and the paying model is to pay per asset scanned rather than the number of users per account. An asset could be the domain, subdomain and another domain but with different settings. 

Nathan Latka interviews Detectify CEO Rickard Carlsson

Nathan Latka (left), host of The Top Entrepreneurs, gets the details on Detectify’s successful funding rounds from Detectify’s CEO Rickard Carlsson (right).

How did Detectify get the early funding?

The company is founded by some of the top white hat hackers in the world, and they have hacked high-profiled companies including Facebook, Google and Slack through responsible disclosure policies. Being able to show these skills and knowledge as well as a tool that streamlines these made it easy to convince our early investors. We completed a series A round of 5 million EUR with Insight Ventures in March 2018.

Who are your customers?

One of our first customers was Tumblr and today we are trusted by companies from small agencies to large players like KING, Trello and Spotify. We have over 700 subscribed customers now and have ARR of 1.5 million EUR.

How do they get to your site?

Most of our customers today are inbound leads and arrive to our site through organic traffic channels. We upload content regularly to our blogs and they are managed by our internal marketing team. Our security researchers also create a lot of research content that’s interesting for the security community and for media to re-share. An example of this would be co-founder and top-ranked ethical hacker Frans Rosen’s research on exploited ACME TLS-SNI-01 issuing Let’s Encrypt and other knowledge sharing on Detectify Labs and Blog.

Watch the video to hear more from Rickard Carlsson:

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