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WordPress disabled auto update in version 4.9.3

February 12, 2018

WordPress version 4.9.3 included a great deal of security patches. However, the widely used Content Management System accidentally disabled the auto update functionality in that version. Detectify will inform you if you need to update manually.

What it means

Once you auto update to 4.9.3, WordPress will no longer update automatically, and users need to update to the new version by hand. After updating to 4.9.4 (which is already out) the auto update functionality should work seamlessly again.

Added to Detectify

We have built a security test that checks for the affected WordPress version when you run a scan. If you are running version 4.9.3, Detectify will show you a warning in your report to inform you that your WordPress needs to be manually updated. Login to run a scan and see if your website is affected.

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If you find something affecting many different websites, like the one described in this blog post, consider reporting it to Detectify Crowdsource and earn money for it! We will build in and automate the security issue into our scanner as a test, to quickly be able to notify our customers if they are vulnerable.