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Meet the team: Robyn Belak - Data- and content-driven marketer, language genius & cat lover

September 14, 2017

Robyn Belak, Marketing & Content Coordinator, is Detectify’s driving spirit when it comes to digital marketing. She started at the company as an intern, but instantly impressed everyone with her language skills, ability to create interesting content and her drive to constantly develop. It did not take long until she went from being an intern to a fully fledged member of the marketing team, with responsibilities ranging over Detectify’s SEO strategy to social media presence. Robyn’s career path and development has not only inspired her colleagues, it has also been picked up by the Swedish news site Dagens Media, that recently nominated her for the Rookie of the Year award.

Robyn Belak, Detectify

Robyn Belak stepped into Detectify’s office almost 2 years ago. At that time, the company operated out of a slightly chaotic startup hub with several other tech companies and office dogs. Detectify’s exciting journey ahead was a perfect fit for Robyn. For two years, she has been part of developing the Detectify brand, learning about web security, and taking on big projects, such as SEO strategies, cross channel marketing campaigns, and optimization of the company blogs. At the office, she is known for her incredible efficiency and positive attitude – and her weakness for dogs and cats.

International background

Seeing Robyn in action at a startup office might feel completely natural today, but it was not at all certain that this translation student from Slovenia would end up at one of Sweden’s hottest startups. She was born in London, UK, but later moved to Slovenia where she went to school. Because of her talent for languages, she chose to study translation (English-German) at university. It was during this period she went to Sweden as an exchange student, and luckily for us, “the country of long winters and fika” must have made a great impression on her since she later decided to return for a more permanent stay.

From translation to marketing

Robyn has studied everything from translation and political science to marketing. During her university studies in Sweden, she put her language skills to good use and learned Swedish in no time. Today, she can switch between fluent English, Slovenian and Swedish.

Her interest in marketing was sparked when she was involved in student association where her responsibilities included social media, PR, branding and events. “I realized that this thing called marketing was a lot of fun,” says Robyn. Little did she know that it would become her full-time job at Detectify a couple of years later…  After reading the job ad for a Sales and Marketing Intern and meeting with Detectify’s CIO, Johan Norrman at a startup event, she decided to apply for the role. In January 2016, she joined the team at the Detectify office.

Challenges, creativity and a dog

When Robyn looks back at the interview process, one thing stands out very clearly. “I was told that there was a dog in the office!”, she says with a smile and refers to Detectify’s office dog Jago. In addition to Jago, the diverse team and the opportunity to be part of creating something new also appealed to her. “I knew nothing about security, but I saw it as a chance to work with marketing without restrictions. We are building something completely new with Detectify, there are no best practices. Of course, it can be challenging sometimes, but you just have to test and learn a lot along the way ”

How to succeed as an intern

A common misconception about interns is that they learn, but do not have much to contribute. Robyn advocates a different approach: “Dare to implement your ideas. As an intern, you might sometimes think you do not have much to give, but that’s never true – at least not when you’re on a startup. You can always bring something new to the table.”

Her attitude was a perfect fit for a startup and Robyn’s own career and skillset have grown as fast as the company itself. “We have grown so much during these 2 years – more traffic, increased social media presence, new office and more employees. I was a part of developing our content and SEO work when I started at Detectify, and I still own these projects. Not many people get that opportunity straight out of business school!”

Great results in a short time

Content marketing is part of Detectify’s DNA, and since the beginning, the company has been spreading awareness and sharing knowledge about web security. The blog, Robyn’s “baby” as she describes it, is a central part of the distribution strategy, and Robyn’s dedicated work has given great results – among other things, she has increased organic traffic by over 100% in a year!

Working with a technical product

Unsurprisingly, her interest in web security and the ethical hacker community has grown during her time at Detectify. The tech team’s support has been a key factor in her newly found interest.

“I never thought IT security and hacking would be so much fun, but I’ve learnt a lot, and now I think it’s very exciting! Everyone in the security and tech team is always willing to explain and help. Once, I even discovered a security issue on a website, and when I mentioned it to my colleague Fredrik (one of Detectify’s founders), he said that I sounded like a security person. It was my big turning point”, Robyn laughs.

Looks forward to the future

Robyn enjoys the fast pace at Detectify and looks forward to the journey that lies ahead. When asked about where she sees Detectify in a couple of years, she sounds confident that the future is bright:

“We are even more global, have offices in different parts of the world – and of course we will have a larger marketing department. We will have broadened the product and, for example, work with Internet of Things. We will be considered the default solution for IT security.”


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