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[Release] New dashboard and billing

August 25, 2016

This week’s release brings a completely overhauled dashboard and billing, giving you a clear overview of your scan profiles’ security status and your team’s billing details.


The dashboard now includes a list of all scan profiles with an overview of the findings discovered during the latest scan. By clicking on the last scan date, you can quickly access the latest report. If you’d like to see an overview of your scope profile’s security status over time, simply select it to take a closer look at the findings.

Your domains and scan profiles are now accessible through the top menu under Domains & Profiles.


The billing page allows you to access and update billing information and history for all your teams. You can find subscription details by clicking on the name of your team in the team list.

Your complete Billing History (including all teams) is now available at the bottom of the Billing page.

Happy scanning!
//The Detectify team