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[Release] New dashboard, navigation and better support for unlimited scan profiles

June 29, 2016

Our next update is here! Two weeks ago we released the new scan profile overview to make it easier for you to work with security over time; we’re now proud to present our new dashboard and navigation. The release also makes it easier for you to work with findings and flagging as the finding counts are now affected by tags like “accepted risk” and “false positive”. Log in to check out what’s new!

New navigation

Detectify Navigation

The old navigation has gotten a facelift! The old sidebar navigation is replaced with a new contextual menu that makes it easier to find what you are looking for. The old scan profile top menu has been moved – settings, advance settings, integrations etc. can now be found on your left hand side instead. The findings count to the right of the scan profile overview is now affected by tags such as “accepted risk” and “false positive”.

Detectify Navigation


The old sidebar navigation has been replaced with a new updated top navigation which contains both the new dashboard and the new account navigation.

New dashboard

Detectify dashboard


The dashboard includes a full list of all your scan profiles and is the first step towards an easier navigation for those of you with a lot of different profiles. Within the next couple of months, we plan to release additional features to the dashboard such as the ability to tag and name your domains, so stay tuned!

Happy scanning!
/The Detectify Team