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TUTORIAL: Permissions rights for Detectify teams

February 15, 2016

Detectify introduces permissions rights to Detectify teams.

As a team administrator, you are now able to grant users two different kinds of access rights per domain.

View right gives the user the ability to view active settings and read previous reports.

Use rights give the user the ability to run tests, activate domain monitoring, change settings, config integrations and, of course, read reports.

Here’s how you do it:
Expand the Team Members-card in the Team dashboard for an overview of all invited team members. Detectify supports gravatars which means that each team member can select their own image. Click on Edit on the user you want to manage.

Team Members

The Edit Team Member-card gives you the possibility to change the user settings per domain. In the example below you can see that Carl only has View permissions to but he has Use permissions to the ngrok domain.

A user can also have Admin permissions; administrators has access to change permissions, payment settings, and can access all domains.
Edit Team Member