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[Integration] You can now integrate Detectify with Slack

November 9, 2015

Slack is the first of Detectify’s workflow integrations. One of the many advantages of Slack is that it’s a single point of contact for all the tools you and your team use. Using this integration, your whole company can start to see security and vulnerability scanning as part of their workflow. You’ll be able to ping a Slack channel with Detectify scan starts, finishes, and findings, so you can get on top of anything critical right away.

Seeing the site scans in a Slack channel also means it will start to get your team used to thinking about security as an ongoing concern, rather than something to react to once it’s too late. Soon it will be so second nature to everyone that it’ll seem strange that security was ever seen as a separate function.

Slack Detectify Integration

Head over to our Knowledge Base and check out the tutorial on How to set up your integration with Slack!

Happy scanning!
//The Detectify Team